Killer Employee Spotlight

When asked about their favorite part of working at our Seattle-based visual communication agency, every member of the team at Killer Visual Strategies (formerly Killer Infographics) generally says the same thing: it’s the people. From infographic and motion graphic designers to content writers, researchers, and project managers, we’re a team of diverse interests and talents. That’s why we often like to feature our team on the blog and give our clients and readers the opportunity to learn a little more about each of them. 

Our creative team is made up of designers, animators, and developers who tackle visual communication designs of all kinds, whether infographic, motion graphic, or interactive. Our visual communication agency also features in-house content editors, marketers, project managers, and leadership all under one roof in Seattle.

Some agencies don’t offer clients the opportunity to work directly with their full project team. Rather, they hire freelancers that work all over the globe and never even meet the clients they’re working for. But the Killer experience includes direct communication with your full project team — designer and all — for every infographic, motion graphic, and visual content project. Check out the articles below to learn a little more about who you’ll be working with.


Meet Ian! Content editor by day, vintage video game collecting, beer drinking, mountain hiking writer by night, he’s an integral part of the Killer Infographics team. Name: Ian Denning Title: Senior Content Editor State your job description: I research and write infographics. I also work with clients to make sure their infographic content meets their needs.   How did you come to work at Killer Infographics? I was working in a job that had nothing…

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Savy Killer Infographics

Meet Savy! While she’s not out hunting down Seattle’s best gluten-free beer, racing soapbox cars or shooing kids off her lawn, she’s busy as one of Killer Infographics’ most talented and accomplished senior designers. Name: Savannah Bergeron AKA Savy, Savage, Savatage Title: Senior Graphic and Interactive Designer State your job description: I design infographics and create illustrations for use in interactive and motion graphics. How did you come to work at Killer Infographics? I was spending…

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A Motion Graphic Composer Abroad

Think about your favorite movie of all time. What does it sound like? We’re willing to bet that the soundtrack and the ambient music playing throughout the movie made a huge difference in how you felt from the opening scenes to the closing credits. That’s why it’s no surprise that original music can have a huge impact on how viewers react to a video or motion graphic. Daniel L.K. Caldwell has composed original scores for…

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Company culture spotlight: Meet the team of Killer Infographics


Behind every successful company is a talented team of individuals, each with their own unique skill set and talents. New team members shouldn’t just have great work experience and scholastic merit, they should fit within the company culture. With fewer than 30 employees, Killer Infographics is a unique collective of illustrators, writers, gamers, and most importantly, creative thinkers. Company culture especially plays an important part in the startup world. Startups everywhere are embracing innovative work…

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Employee Spotlight: Nic Hartmann


As part of our employee spotlight series we want to introduce the world to Nic Hartmann. Nic brings a vast knowledge of animation and design to the motion graphics department to help propel the team out of this stratosphere! Not to mention, he is a beautifully talented mariachi karaoke singer as well. Have fun learning more about this master of motion! Name: Nicholas Hartmann Title: Motion Graphic Designer What’s your role at KIG? I create, render…

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Meet Lucy Weiland, KIG’s Content Master


One of the best parts of our job is getting to know our clients, so we’d like to give our blog readers a chance to get to know who’s designing our infographics, writing our content, and promoting our designs. Let’s start with one of the first employees who joined Killer Infographics. Name: Lucy Weiland Title: Chief Content Editor What’s your role at KIG? I head up the content/copywriting team, managing the day-to-day while researching the…

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From Indonesia With Dysentery, Part 3 of 3


The two-week race was a blur of breakdowns, police encounters, briberies, hospitable Indonesians, collisions, and, above all, adventure. Röta loved to hate us. She broke down every other hour, but we fell in love each time she rose to the occasion, started up, and carried us over mountains, through jungles, and across the country – although, 2,000 km of the race was spent on the back of a truck. The emotions overpowered as we approached…

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From Indonesia with Dysentery, Part 2 of 3


Christening our ride was the primary objective. “Rot” is German for “red”; “roto,” Spanish for “broken”. Being the terminally ill, red beauty she was, it took but 30 seconds of discussion to agree on calling her “Röta.” I suppose if we were seeking linguistic accuracy, the name should really have been “Röto,” but Röta is a lady and there’s no denying that. I hold the umlaut’s worth as self-evident. We built her a roof rack,…

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From Indonesia With Dysentery, Part 1 of 3


Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Josh Miles, a Notorious KIG! One year ago, I set off on what was going to be the most ridiculous, dangerous, and exciting month of my life. Here’s part one of a three-part series chronicling the adventure: It only took a few beers before I foolheartedly accepted an offer to flee the States, crab walk across the sands of Bali, and race a moto-rickshaw against some 20 other teams over…

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