Company Culture & Teambuilding

The company culture at Killer Visual Strategies, our Seattle-based visual communication agency, is based on our mission, vision, and values. This, in turn, makes it a culture based on our people. If you ask our employees what their favorite part of working at Killer is, they’re likely to say it’s their teammates. From teambuilding activities inside and outside the office, to transparent and accountable leadership and management, the business culture we’ve built has generated an incredibly high retention rate and a team that genuinely enjoys working together.

Our fully in-house team is made up of local Seattle talent as well as employees who moved here to join our team. As a growing small business, our culture helped to cultivate a leadership team from inside our walls and develop management best practices that fit with our values. As a result, teambuilding is something that happens organically every day in our Seattle office, and that we feel has made us a stronger visual communication agency. 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet our team yet, or want to learn how to build a stronger company culture within your organization, explore the articles below!

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Kelton Global Co-Founders Discuss Their Approach to Brand Strategy

In January, Killer Infographics announced our new partnership with Kelton Global, the best insights engine in the business. This collaboration has expanded the services that we can offer to our clients. Now, Killer’s clients have access to Kelton’s data-driven analytics and insights. Killer Infographics and Kelton will work in tandem to…
Erin McCoy
June 11, 2019
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The Visual-First Method: New eBook on How to Deploy Visual Content Across Your Organization

You already know that visual content is hugely engaging in a marketing context. Audiences can’t get enough of videos, interactive experiences, GIFs, and more, and marketers who have committed to producing more high-quality visual content have consistently seen a boost in shares, follows, leads, and conversions. But since consumers respond…
Erin McCoy
March 12, 2019
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Bringing Visual Communication to Life

Visual communication can break down barriers — whether that’s breaking linguistic barriers through use of universal imagery or exploding its very definition through the use of innovative new mediums. As an industry that is constantly growing, visual communication needs to adapt at a moment’s notice. In recent years, the introduction…
Lucy Todd
March 3, 2017
Starting_Your_Design_Career_HeaderCompany Culture & Teambuilding

Starting Your Design Career

Breaking into the design field is no easy task. It requires experience, a degree,* and a keen understanding of client and company needs. On top of all these requirements, a career in design is often seen as a hobby or a fun, easy job for the unambitious artist. It can…
Savy Bergeron
July 1, 2015
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Company culture spotlight: Meet the team of Killer Infographics

Behind every successful company is a talented team of individuals, each with their own unique skill set and talents. New team members shouldn’t just have great work experience and scholastic merit, they should fit within the company culture. With fewer than 30 employees, Killer Infographics is a unique collective of…
Eric Tra
September 25, 2014
Office SiegeCompany Culture & Teambuilding

Office Siege

Each Spring, we here at Killer Infographics plot new and more dangerous pranks for April Fool’s Day. Possible ideas this year included releasing a herd of bison in the break room, hiding noise-activated confetti cannons under every desk, or just bursting the water main. For the sake of keeping our…
April 1, 2013