Motion Graphics

Whether you want to break down information clearly in an explainer video, promote a new product, or offer your audience some inspiration, motion graphics are incredibly effective tools for connecting with potential customers. Combining animation with elements like short-form text, an original score, and sound design allows motion graphic designers to tell impactful stories. 

But there are many things to consider when planning a successful motion graphic. Your goals, your audience, and the potential use cases for your video can help determine length and animation style. It can also affect whether your video should include a voiceover, an original score, or live-action footage. 

The articles below are designed to offer inspiration and to help you ask and answer key questions around the planning, production, and animation of your motion graphic. That way, you can — in collaboration with designers and your project team — create an impactful motion graphic for your audience, whether for internal use or as part of your content marketing strategy.

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Upcoming Webinar Explains How Motion Graphics Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

Ready to learn about a highly effective tool for increasing conversion rates? In an upcoming webinar, Killer Visual Strategies CEO Amy Balliett and Chief Creative Officer Josh Miles will share essential strategies for producing successful, shareable motion graphics.  “Increase Your Conversion Rates by 80% with Motion Graphics” will take place…
Sheridan Prince
July 23, 2019
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Motion Graphics and the Art of the Abstract

Motion graphics tell stories: stories of products, of studies, of whatever your business needs. The medium interweaves threads of visual and aural communication to connect with viewers on numerous levels. And in telling these many-textured narratives, motion graphics rely on storytelling techniques to achieve their goals. One such technique is…
Abi Pollokoff
December 7, 2017
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4 Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Video today comprises more than just a night out at the movies or a YouTube cat video binge (though both of those things can be rewarding!). Businesses are increasingly using video to advance their marketing strategies, targeting pre-established audiences while reaching out to new ones. Different kinds (and lengths) of…
Abi Pollokoff
February 10, 2017