Beautiful, well-made infographics have been — and remain — one of the most robust visual communication mediums of the past decade. In fact, they used to be our main product offering at Killer Visual Strategies, and for years, our company name was Killer Infographics. (That changed in June of 2019, with the announcement of our new company name.) While we’ve expanded our capabilities over the years to include a myriad of other types of visual content, including motion graphics and interactive design, infographics are still a huge part of what we do. 

But what exactly is an infographic? It might seem simple, but the term often gets misused. They are a type of visual communication that distills information clearly and effectively. Strong designs include concise text to visualize content in a way that audiences can understand quickly. The goal is to give them something that’s truly engaging — not a reading assignment. This boosts engagement and drives more conversions for companies that invest in custom solutions. When done correctly, infographics can help tell a story or communicate data in an effortless way — all without sacrificing beautiful design.

Infographics can combine illustrations, icons, and data visualizations. They can be designed for print or web, and they can be long-scroll or just a single page. The possibilities are truly endless. But every infographic design should be unique to the goals of your specific project. 

Infographics Fundamentals: Our New Course on

For years, our team at Killer has been a huge fan of because of the great design courses they provide. Last week, we pivoted from fan to participant with the launch of our first Lynda course: Infographics Fundamentals. This 5-part online class focuses on helping designers understand the basics of infographic design, allowing them to master the art and offer visual communication solutions to their own clients. The course begins with an explanation of the foundation of…

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Common Graphic Design Mistakes

Common Graphic Design Mistakes Header

Even the most seasoned designers are prone to the occasional rookie mistake. While we can’t show everything to look out for here (it’d be more of a book than a blog post!), take a look at this “greatest hits” list of mistakes as a reminder that you’re not the only one who’s made some regrettable design choices. Jumping Into Design Without a Plan When designers don’t map out their actions, it’s like trying to build…

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Infographic: A History of Capitol Hill

Killer Infographics just made the move from Fremont to Capitol Hill. It’s an exciting new neighborhood to explore, full of art, food, and amazing happy hour opportunities. It’s also full of rich history, and we jumped at the chance to dig into our new neighborhood’s past. Capitol Hill wasn’t always hipsters, condos, and fancy restaurants. It started out, just like the rest of Seattle, as deep woods. Seattle’s timber industry logged it off in the 1880s,…

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The Data Behind Deflategate

deflate gate infographic

Click to Enlarge As a company based in Seattle (and true Seahawks fans), we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t following the Patriots’ Deflategate controversy closely. Just two weeks ago, this seemed to us like a random accusation that wouldn’t play out in the media for too long, but with only a few days until the big game it is still a trending story. And as that story unfolds, the data behind it…

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