eBook Design

eBooks offer a fantastic way to share industry expertise and thought leadership. An ebook can be part of your content marketing efforts, or an internal asset used for training or other company-specific needs. Whatever its application, the design of your ebook is just as important as the information it contains. In fact, without a quality design, viewers may not pay attention to or remember the info at all.

eBook design should take into account your brand guidelines — or visual language, if they’re aligned with a particular campaign. It should prioritize information hierarchy, balancing form and function to clearly deliver your message. You might even consider alternate mediums, like an interactive ebook

And remember: to achieve your content marketing goals, your ebook must communicate efficiently and effectively about a topic your target audience cares about. A quality ebook design can achieve this. Just make sure the content is just as compelling as the visual elements — that way, they’ll work in tandem to give your audience a reason to engage. 

Explore the articles below to learn more about how to design an ebook that’s both beautiful and informative.

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