Design Tips

Visual communication and infographic design is a specific category of expertise. While graphic designers can be generalists and know a bit about everything, visual communication designers are specifically educated in data and information visualization

For example, infographic design requires knowledge of some generalist best practices such as layout, typography, color palettes, and more. However, it also requires knowing what type of chart or graph to use for a certain data set, and how to implement it properly. Designers must also be able to assess a company, its industry, its unique goals, and the type of information it’s trying to communicate, then pick an appropriate design approach that unifies all of this knowledge. 

The best visual communication design incorporates all these best practices and more. Yet surprisingly few examples of visual marketing content actually follow these best practices. The web is saturated with infographic designs, but the range in quality is vast. That’s why it’s essential to know the tenets of strong visual communication so that you can produce the best marketing content possible for your company.