Data Visualization

Data is often an important part of the story you need to tell. But how do you convey this often-dense information in a way that’s clear and easy to understand? Whether you’re working with a design agency or an in-house team, it’s important that you’re versed in the fundamental rules of data visualization — and that you’ve seen a lot of examples for inspiration and guidance

Will your data visualization stand on its own, or will it be part of a motion graphic, infographic, ebook, or other visual content? However you present your data, there are many examples in the articles below of how to use it effectively — and ineffectively. It’s just as important to know and recognize the common mistakes as it is to incorporate the latest styles and innovations. The blog posts below share both, so you can develop content that’s not only accurate, but beautiful.

Should you use a quantagram for your data, or is it better represented with a graph? When do you use a pie chart, and when do you use a bar chart? Whatever type of data you’re working with, make sure you know the right data visualization technique to use — and model your work on quality examples from a visual communication design agency. That way, you can successfully present your information, deliver your message, and connect with your audience.

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