Augmented Reality

Want to see that new couch sitting in your living room before you buy it? Want to learn where a product comes from and what it’s made of, just by pointing your phone’s camera at it? With augmented reality applications, all of this and more is now possible. And that’s good news for brands and consumers alike. 

Augmented reality (AR) is a bit different from virtual reality (VR). Augmented reality applications work to elevate how we move through the real world by involving digital content. This is usually experienced through our phones or through digital glasses. Conversely, virtual reality builds a new world around the user, creating a 360° world distinct from our actual surroundings. We usually use VR headsets to experience this technology.

The debate surrounding whether augmented or virtual reality will become essential mediums for brands has been rampant since the dawn of these technologies — but advances in app development have allowed both technologies to flourish. What’s more, there’s real evidence that the effective use of AR and VR can improve your business. Together, they introduce a new era of visual communication.

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