Annual Reports

A quality annual report design must consider the best practices of visual communication. Without them, you have blocks of text, inconsistent or dull graphs, and a bored audience. A bored audience won’t be able to find, understand, or remember the key points of your report. So when the deadline for your next report looms, consider how you’ll incorporate data visualization, icons and illustrations, and a consistent look and feel in order to create a more cohesive and impactful design.

Think this means eliminating all of your copy? Think again. Annual reports are an appropriate place to offer your audience the chance to take a deep dive into the numbers. Just make sure to include clear explanations and myriad examples. Annual and financial reports can even be interactive. This way, you can develop a functional hierarchy of information so that readers can dive in as much — or as little — as they want.

The key is using design to help summarize the most important information. This way, a viewer with 2 hours to spare can truly absorb every detail. … Yet a viewer with 5 minutes can glean important insights, too. 

Data visualization is one of the best tools for bringing your best possible annual report design to life. But if your information isn’t driven by numbers, you can also use icons, illustrations, dynamic typography, and more to call out essential details.

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