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Strategies for Marketing Your Motion Graphic

Motion graphics are exploding in popularity on the web — which means that a lot of marketers are integrating motion graphics into their online campaigns for the first time. But what are the best strategies for online marketing using motion graphics? We asked one of our regular clients, Jeffery Dempsey of Carrington College, to offer his insights based on his most recent project — a motion graphic that outlines the history of vaccines and explains…

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Killer Infographics Records 44% Year-Over-Year Growth Through the First Half of 2013


Well, we’ve been around for nearly 3 years now and finally decided to writeup a press release. Since this was our first foray into the world of PR, we figured it was worth sharing with our readers! Check out our press release that recounts our many wins during the first half of 2013. We’ll do our best to keep you posted during the last half of the year as well! ______________________________ Killer Infographics, creators of…

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Killer Infographics is Speaking at Adobe MAX


What’s it like to attend an Adobe MAX conference? It’s like guest-starring as one of the good fighter pilots on Battlestar Galactica. It’s like a World of Warcraft marathon where Valor Points are awarded in the form of Pringles. It’s like you got zapped back in time just to attend the Bauhaus design school and wear fedoras before they were hipster. So what’s it like to be invited to speak at an Adobe MAX conference?…

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Office Siege

Office Siege

Each Spring, we here at Killer Infographics plot new and more dangerous pranks for April Fool’s Day. Possible ideas this year included releasing a herd of bison in the break room, hiding noise-activated confetti cannons under every desk, or just bursting the water main. For the sake of keeping our jobs, we fortunately elected to create a giant cardboard labyrinth of Daedalus proportions in the office. Plans for pressure-plate activated booby traps, a holy grail…

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Killer Makeover: How Changing Offices Took Our Look from Drab to Fab!

 As a toddler company (two years old and growing all the time), Killer Infographics has already called several small offices home. With the humble beginnings of our self-funded startup, our first office meant taking over the guest room of Nick Grant’s (Killer Infographics’ co-founder and Chief Rainmaker) Ballard town home. After just a few months, it was time to start hiring, so we moved (up??) to  a closet-sized space above a delicious Ballard Mexican restaurant…

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Creating a Space for Ideas: How We Have Built Our Killer Culture


A typical day at a startup like Killer Infographics can get pretty hectic. By their very nature, startups demand employees that are proactive and adaptable, willing to pick up just about any task as it comes along. So we stay busy, and the result is that, yeah, sometimes people get stressed. And this has the potential to create an environment where concerns don’t get addressed, or employees don’t have the time or the forum to…

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Welcome to Killer Infographics Design And Our Brand Spankin’ New Site!

killer infographics new website design

Here at Killer Infographics, we’re freakin’ busy. How busy… and what are we busy with? This whole “new website” thing. We started working on this in July… and here it is! In November. Fashionably late, right? PAC. Not PAC-MAN! We’re formulating our Protective Analytics Container (PAC) to secure better promotion and distribution with thorough tracking to ensure you get the links you deserve. Wearing hats. Not like we have a daily hat try-on sesh (though…

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