5 Ways to Learn About Infographic Design

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Just a few short months ago, our name was still Killer Infographics. While at day one we were simply an infographic design agency, we’ve since become much more than that. For years now, we’ve continued to focus first and foremost on creating the right visual strategies to achieve our clients’ goals. At the end of the day, infographics are still powerful tools for our clients. We produce successful infographics for our clients on a daily basis as part of that visual strategy work. 

We’ve learned a lot about infographics since 2010, and fortunately, today’s marketers and brands have access to a wealth of resources to learn about infographic design — from webinars to classes to online support, here are 5 ways you can learn, too.

1. Set up Google News Alerts for Infographics

Did you know Google News has a feature where you can receive email roundups of top stories that include your targeted keyword? By setting up an alert with the term “infographic,” you’ll get daily design inspiration from some of the best infographics around. 

While some of these infographics are made in-house, many rely on an infographic design agency to help make custom infographics with professional detail. That means by setting up this alert, you’ll be able to watch infographic trends unfold in real time while honing your attention to detail.

2. Take an Online Course from an Infographic Design Agency CEO

LinkedIn Learning stands out as one of the best places to learn seemingly anything from real-world professionals. It’s an incredible resource to study design methods and techniques for a myriad of uses, including infographic design.

One of the infographic design resources you can find includes “Learning Infographic Design” from Killer’s own CEO Amy Balliett. Learn about the science behind good visual communication, review different types of infographic design, and gain a new understanding on principles and techniques to help you build engaging and successful infographics.

3. Study Tutorials from Your Graphic Design Program

Adobe Illustrator is the leading tool for designing custom infographics, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an infographic agency that didn’t rely on it daily. While some might be intimidated by such a robust program at first, it truly is worth the effort. 

Fortunately, Adobe has compiled several individual videos that instruct users how to create essential aspects of infographics. From creating and editing shapes, to changing color and strokes, to adding text to your designs, to creating icons, these tutorials are powerful tools that help viewers learn the techniques that go into creating a custom infographic.

4. Attend an In-Person Infographic Workshop

If you already have some design skills and are proficient with tools like Illustrator, an in-person infographic design course can elevate you to the next level. These courses exist all around the United States, and finding one is as simple as searching “infographic design course” along with the name of your desired city. 

While not all courses are created equally, there are some signs that point to credibility. Look for courses or workshops at accredited universities or design-focused vocational schools. Ask who will be teaching the class and what that person’s credentials are. 

In Seattle, Killer’s Amy Balliett leads a workshop at the School of Visual Concepts called “Infographics: Better Design” that covers the foundation of good infographic design, including some special tips and tricks that course-goers can immediately put to use.

5. Learn by Doing

You can do all the reading and listening you want, but one of the best things you can do is to supplement all of it with hands-on practice. Pick a subject and create an infographic about it. Share it with your peers. Share it with interested audiences online for feedback. You’ll learn about what resonates with people in terms of subject matter and style. With each infographic you create, you’ll understand a bit more about the complexities of the medium and where you need to hone your skills.

How do you like to learn about infographic design? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Tim Sheehan

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