5 Online Video Marketing Strategies for Brands

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At home most of the time, glued to our computers and phones during work hours and off hours alike, what are we likely to be doing? Scrolling through social media, reading articles, clicking on relevant posts, and, oh yeah … watching a lot of videos, including branded video content. At the start of the US arm of the pandemic in March 2020, Nielsen reported that staying at home can lead to an increase in content consumption of nearly 60% — or more, depending on the circumstances! This includes TV, DVDs, radio, games, apps, and the internet. And since April 2020, video completion rates each month have been higher YoY compared to the same months in 2019. So there is a sizable impact from airing your marketing videos online or on other media channels right now.

Whether you’re new to video content or have been creating it for years, here are some tried and true approaches and strategies to create captivating videos for your audience.

1. Keep It Short & Sweet

While we mentioned that video completion rates are up, completion rates also depend upon the length of each video. A captivating story can hold viewers’ attention for longer, but there’s always an upper average limit. Somewhere around 2 minutes is commonly found to be ideal, and you can communicate plenty in that time if you have honed your message to the most important data and talking points. 

Plus, if you’re posting your marketing video to social media channels online, length restrictions and batching (like Instagram stories with 15-second limits that divide your lengthier videos) could prohibit or disrupt even shorter videos. Consider your platforms as well as your message, audience, and goals when choosing a length for your video content.

2. Sound On or Off?

Remember that online, the viewer decides whether to watch your marketing video with or without sound. This means you need to plan for both options.

Some 85% of surveyed marketers found that viewers of their Facebook videos watched them without sound. And along the same lines, including captions on Facebook videos increases view time by up to 12%. So if you’re including a voiceover, score, and/or sound effects on your video, anticipate the viewing experience without any of those elements and adjust accordingly.

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3. Explain a Concept

A great use for online video marketing is showing your audience what niche you fill. If you are in a complex vertical that requires some background to understand the purpose of your brand, the challenge you solve, or your mission statement, an explainer video is a perfect way to do this. 

Instead of your audience potentially getting lost in a rabbit hole of their own internet research, or even digging up misinformation that could lead them to misunderstand your purpose, a video allows you to guide them to the right answers. 

Curious what visual communication can do for you?

4. Connect with Your Audience

Between a pandemic, global civil rights revolutions, and an election year in the United States, one could say that emotions are running high in 2020. So what better time to reach your audience through an emotional connection? 

Emotive videos are a highly impactful form of online video marketing. In one survey, 65% of consumers reported having an emotional connection with a brand. What’s more, of those, 90% reported a positive connection! So if you can tug at the heartstrings of your target audience, there’s a good chance they’ll remember you for it. 

Remember that emotions run the full gamut. So whether your video is all smiles, discussing sad or difficult realities, or even shining a light on something that makes the audience angry (and thus moved to action in some way), providing any emotional experience for your consumers can net a positive view of your brand in the end.

5. Promote a Brand, Product, or Service

Of course, the goal of promoting your organization overall or the products or services you provide is timeless, and it isn’t going anywhere. A strong promotional video shares the benefits of your offerings and makes it clear why you’re the best of the best. Promotional videos can certainly tap into explanations and emotions, but if the primary goal is achieving buyer interest and earning a sale, you’ve got a promotional video on your hands.

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More Online Video Marketing Tips

Learn more about the types of video content we’ve discussed, approaches to production, and more with our comprehensive guide, “Motion Graphics: A Complete Guide for Marketers & Brand Leaders.”

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