5 Killer Infographics Series We Love

Infographics illustration designed by Killer Visual Strategies agency

Last year, we changed our name from Killer Infographics to Killer Visual Strategies to reflect the full capabilities of our agency to produce everything from motion graphics to interactive experiences to social-media micro-narratives — but that doesn’t mean an infographic isn’t the perfect fit for some campaigns. 

In fact, a series of infographics could be the answer to your next content marketing challenge. If you want your message to be visual and shareable, but you have a lot of information to share, a series can help you get that message across without overwhelming your audience. Whether you produce your visual content internally or work with an infographic agency, creating multiple pieces of marketing collateral can help you build sustained interest from your audience over time. 

Need ideas for your next visual marketing campaign? Look no further. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite infographics series. 

1. British Embassy Moscow Infographics Series

Example data visualization from infographic for British Embassy

To celebrate the FIFA World Cup in Russia, the British Embassy in Moscow wanted to create a visual campaign illustrating the English team’s match performances. Using data about goals, passes, and fan attendance as the building blocks for the design, they created a series of 6 infographics.

To show the number of UK fans in attendance at the 6 matches, each infographic features a unique central pie chart based on an aerial view of the stadium where the match was played. Other key statistics appear as bold typography callouts. The dimensions of these mini-infographics make them easy for fans and followers to share. 

2. Technology & Manufacturing Marketing Campaign

Infographic design example showing trucks and buses

A series of infographics can be a chance to show off a new side of your brand, so let’s take a look at a company that did just that: transportation technology company Cummins. With more than 100 years of experience with traditionally fueled engines, Cummins was ready to introduce its new vision for alternative fuels and technologies. This included electric and hybrid powertrains for long-haul trucks, forklifts, cranes, and even school buses. In short: Cummins had a lot to share. 

As part of a full content marketing campaign that also included motion graphics, animated social assets, and a presentation deck, we worked with Cummins to create some killer infographics to highlight the features and benefits of some of their new technologies. 

The look and feel of these infographics incorporate the color palette and other classic elements of the Cummins brand, but with a fresh art style and plenty of white space to echo the clean future that the company strives for. 

This series demonstrates how an infographic agency can help you develop a distinct art direction, or visual language, that complements your brand while also amplifying a specific campaign message.

3. An Outdoors & Lifestyle Brand’s Infographics Series

Outdoors retailer REI Co-op often creates educational content for its customers. While the REI brand has ventured into quite a few styles, we especially love this series of visual checklists. Why? REI Co-op used a style that would appeal to their audience of campers and hikers. The retro print aesthetic lends a timeless quality to these mini-infographics:

Infographic with camping supplies created by Killer Visual Strategies agency

Camping kitchen checklist infographic with custom illustrations

The style feels practical and approachable — just like the REI brand. Both pieces capture the feeling of a technology-free escape to nature that resonates with REI Co-op customers.  

4. Scientific Poster Designs

Scientific poster design with illustration of celestial body

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) wanted to educate a non-scientific audience about the incredible capabilities of the next generation of Very Large Array telescope. We love the approach they went with: a pair of infographic-inspired posters that capture the key facts, capabilities, and scientific importance of the next-generation VLA. 

What makes this series work? Both infographics feature bold and vibrant cosmic illustrations, as well as audience-friendly details about the technology. Data visualizations are employed where appropriate to help the reader understand the vast scope of the VLA. This is an example of how, with the guidance of an infographic agency, any organization can create a striking design without sacrificing informational detail.

5. An Educational Infographics Series

Infographic series created by the Killer Visual Strategies agency

The Foundation for the Development of the Education System, a Polish student exchange organization, wanted to raise awareness of how education can be influenced by international exchange programs. The solution? A series of 8 infographics that use visual communication to share a wealth of data.

Infographic illustration of a head surrounded by data visualization

These infographics, created by the Killer team, stand out because of their clean, minimal art style and their creative data visualizations — including pie charts in bicycle wheels and bar charts made of Lego stacks. Although each of the 8 infographics features a unique color palette, they’re united by delicate line art and bold use of black accents. Subtle animated elements bring the simple illustrations to life. The final result is a series of infographics that are visually streamlined, yet still engaging and data-rich.

Partner with the Right Agency to Create a ‘Killer’ Infographics Series

A series of infographics can be a great choice for your next visual marketing effort. To make sure the final product comes together successfully, it’s a good idea to work with an infographic agency that can help you develop a visual language for your series of infographics. 

Before you dive into design, be sure to clearly define your audience and goals. And always consider how you can optimize your visual communication for the channels on which you plan to share your infographics. Keep these considerations in mind, and you’ll ensure greater engagement for your content.

Sheridan Prince

Author Sheridan Prince

Sheridan Prince is a content editor for Killer Visual Strategies. She grew up in Indianola, WA, often exploring the woods with a book in her backpack instead of a map. She has a BA in English Writing, a collection of beloved plants, and a passion for concise, evocative communication in all forms. Before joining Killer, Sheridan worked as a content strategist in the sphere of higher education, and as the editor in chief of a journal for emerging authors and artists in the Chicago area. As part of the Killer team, she believes that the keys to crafting powerful stories and forming strong client relationships are to ask the right questions and listen well. On the weekends, she gets her creative fix from watercolor painting and floristry, and gets her fresh air by gardening, hiking the outdoors and learning about the native flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest.

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