4 Visual Marketing Success Stories

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How will you measure the success of your next visual marketing effort? If you’re currently brainstorming for your next content campaign, examples that achieved concrete results can be a helpful guide in determining your preferred metrics. Yet when it comes to marketing, high-quality graphic design can ensure your audience connects with your message. That’s why you want to be strategic in the kind of visual content you create. 

Don’t know where to start? Let’s look at some examples of graphic design in marketing that prove just how effective visual content can be. 

1. Nuclear Threat Initiative Interactive Infographic

NTI, which works to prevent nuclear, biological, and other types of catastrophic attacks, set out to educate viewers on the importance of biosecurity. 

This message needed to reach government decision-makers in the United States and around the world, as well as private-sector entities and civil-advocacy groups. That’s a wide audience, so the challenge was clear. NTI needed an accessible and engaging visual marketing solution to connect with a variety of viewers, some of whom had limited familiarity with the topic of biosecurity. 

The solution? An interactive infographic. This unique example of marketing content, housed on its own landing page, draws users in with salient facts and clear visuals. As users scroll, they are invited to explore a dramatized biological attack as it unfolds. 

NTI biosecurity interactive content marketing example

The results show how this interactive visual story connected with NTI’s audience:

  • 456% higher click-through rate than the average Facebook ad
  • 4.08 minutes average time on page (396% higher than the 0.50-minute benchmark considered a “good time on page duration,” according to Weidert.)

With a visual approach, NTI was able to better inform its audience about the importance of preparedness for potential biological events.

2. Carrington University Motion Graphic

To attract future generations of students to their medical programs, the Carrington College team wanted to enhance their visual marketing output beyond the static infographics they’d released in the past. 

Their approach: shed some scientific light on a debated topic. This motion graphic about vaccinology dispels misconceptions with accurate information and a conversational tone. The motion graphic took on an important issue and engaged viewers with its high-contrast design and shape-shifting transitions. 

Although this motion graphic is more than 3 minutes long, an impressive 67% of viewers watched it all the way to the end. 

Carrington College took the time and effort to provide an overview of an important topic, and balanced it with dynamic visuals. In return, they earned a repost by Upworthy and nearly 1 million views in the first few weeks after this motion graphic’s launch. 

3. PEMCO Motion Graphic Series

PEMCO Insurance wanted to build relationships with its policyholders. PEMCO’s new strategy was centered around a simple idea: provide evergreen, informative content to show policyholders how “PEMCO gets it.” The goal? To drive engagement through social media with a “findable, shareable, and talkable” campaign. 

This idea came to life in the form of 15 short motion graphics that covered 4 insurance-related topics. For a series of 15 marketing motion graphics, PEMCO’s graphic design approach had to be unified, but not repetitive. All videos follow a campaign-wide visual language to ensure consistency, but each of the 4 main topics also features its own individual art direction.

PEMCO graphic design for marketing

This playful yet cohesive visual approach enhanced PEMCO’s social-media presence in measurable ways. 

  • The most viewed motion graphic received 155% more views than average PEMCO posts 
  • The most liked motion graphic received 2x more likes than average posts
  • The most shared motion graphic received 12x more shares than average posts 

If your goal is to increase social engagement, content marketing examples like this show how the right visual marketing strategy can empower an audience to engage with your brand and share your message.

Curious what visual communication can do for you?

4. Carbon & Riddell Short-Form Animated Video Series

Leading up to the 2019 Super Bowl, the 3D printing specialists at Carbon collaborated with sporting equipment manufacturer Riddell to build a next-generation football helmet. They wanted to announce their partnership and build awareness about their personalized football helmets with 3D-printed liners. 

This goal presented a unique challenge. Carbon and Riddell wanted to distill the complexities of their technology into a series of visuals directed at a wide audience. How did they do it? By creating 6 short-form animated videos that were truly eye-catching. Each video uses precise, light-on-dark line art to show each step of the liner-printing process.

When posted on Carbon’s website and other channels, the series generated buzz from NFL greats—including a field test by Peyton Manning—and awareness across the football community as a whole. 

Finding Visual Content Marketing Inspiration in Key Examples

Stories of visual marketing success come in many forms, and can tackle very different goals. Regardless of what you want to achieve, it’s important to have these 3 bases covered: a measurable goal, a strategic visual marketing approach that’s tailored to your audience, and graphic design that activates that approach. 

All of the content marketing examples above exhibit these characteristics, which drove a large part of their success. That’s why, with these elements in place, you’ll be well on your way to a visual marketing success story of your own.

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