4 Unique Examples of Effective Data Visualization

By July 29, 2019 January 6th, 2020 Content Marketing Strategy, Data Visualization
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There are charts and graphs. There are icons and illustrations. You see them regularly, and you’ve probably used many of them in the slide decks and infographic reports you’ve put together. These visual communication tools are go-tos for a reason. When implemented properly and with high-quality execution, they pique our interest and simplify information. Effective data visualization may begin with these tools, but it certainly doesn’t end there.

We took a look through our visual vaults to find a few examples of information visualization that stand out from the rest. Here are 4 of our favorites.

Red Bull Music Academy: Metal vs. The Rest

Comparing many different types of data is a unique but common information visualization challenge. There are many ways to communicate data correctly. However, there are at least as many ways to miscommunicate it. When this happens, you risk misrepresenting data and losing your message.

Our infographic for the Red Bull Music Academy is a visual analysis of drummer speed and drum-type variation across genres. Each column uses a codified set of patterns and colors to analyze a 30-second snippet of rapid drumming. The familiar use of a bar graph allows the audience to easily interpret key facts at a glance. 

For example, you can see that George Kollias’ track has the most total number of drum beats in the sample amount of time. Even with just 1 drum type (snare hits), the World-Record-setting Tom Grosset doesn’t match it. Effective data visualization means that it should be easy to pick out key information at a glance. 

Epson: 3LCD Technology Motion Graphic and Infographic

A process or technology is an excellent use case for information visualization, since data doesn’t always include numbers. Detailed diagrams, icons, and illustrations can turn complex concepts into clear expressions. 

In the case of this visual communication duo for Epson, we transformed the distinct qualities of different project color technologies into simple comparisons. Colors and patterns inspired by light and projector technology help tell the story efficiently and add to the overall meaning of the design and the information.

Translating the information into video and static forms gives viewers the choice of how to consume the information, and can help provide different levels of detail. These can differ depending on the viewer’s level of understanding and initial point of engagement.

Curious what visual communication can do for you?

Spectacle Magazine: “Lincoln in the Bardo” Infographic

Combining illustrative and data visualization–focused approaches, the 2-page spread we created for Spectacle Magazine is an example of how data visualization and infographics are distinct. 

Data visualization (most commonly displayed as a chart or graph) is one of many information-sharing tools that can stand alone or be employed within a visual communication piece, such as an infographic. Other such tools include iconography, illustrations, and limited text.

This project is also the result of a client enlisting our help in the ideation process, versus simply needing execution. These are among our favorite projects because of the opportunity to dive deeper into each of our processes and working styles. This practice can build strong, lasting client-vendor relationships. 

The Killer Visual Strategies Brand Story Video

Earlier in 2019, Killer Infographics became Killer Visual Strategies. Our name now better describes what we do and the services we’ve been offering to our clients for years. Those services include infographics, but also encompass a broad range of strategic visual communication services. 

Our brand video showcases why visual communication has taken its rightfully prominent place in content marketing. It also explains how our team can solve the external and internal communication challenges that businesses in all industries face.

Overlaying animated information visualization with live-action video allows viewers to look beneath the surface of what we see in real life. This technique shows an analysis of the details and science behind our surroundings. It’s similar to the way a strong story needs to dig beneath the surface of the initial data to be compelling. That’s something that we help our clients with on a daily basis.

Effective Data Visualization for Your Next Campaign

As our name shows, we’re a visual strategy firm just as much as we are a visual communication firm. If you’ve got a content challenge without a solution, don’t hesitate to come to us. We’d love to help you solve it.

Lucy Todd

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