Killer Infographics 4 Tips for Using Interactive Content

From quizzes to training materials, interactive content is more than just a fun way to engage. Using it strategically can lend a marketing edge and boost lead generation and audience reach as well as gauge the pulse of audience attention. Interactivity won’t do all the work, though — focusing your eye on its place in your strategy will allow you to reap the content’s biggest rewards. No matter the format you’re working with, here are four tips to help your interactive content work for you.

Killer Infographics 4 Tips for Using Interactive Content

Tip 1: Start Small
If you want to generate some interactive content but you’re not sure where to begin, don’t reinvent the wheel. Consider whom you want your interactive content to reach, and identify if any previously generated content targets part of that goal. If you have some static pieces that get you halfway, don’t shy away from using them — instead, make them responsive! Responsive content can entail a mix of things:

  • Links to other sites or documents
  • Transforming many columns to a single list (especially helpful for mobile viewing)
  • Subtle animation

The benefits of evolving content into being responsive include improving mobile capability and enhancing visual appeal, both of which will attract your audience and keep them engaged.

Killer Infographics 4 Tips for Using Interactive Content

Tip 2: Look for the Big Picture
When considering implementing interactive content in your strategy, consider your immediate needs as well as your long-term goals. In balancing these goals, you’ll be able to create evergreen interactive content rather than content with a one-time use. The reason for this is simple: you’ll be able to develop the most effective structure from the get-go. Once an interactive project is developed, it’s a fairly navigable process to update content (data, numbers, a word or two). However, it’s much more challenging to change features or add elements, since that most often will require additional code work. By identifying what information needs to be presented, your project has the potential to last years rather than months — and remain useful to viewers.

Killer Infographics 4 Tips for Using Interactive Content

Tip 3: Understand How Your Project Fits Your Brand
Maintaining your brand identity is essential to building company recognition. With clearly defined style, color palette, and typography guidelines, you present a unified face to your audience and to the world. Any interactive project should align with your brand’s face and messaging — but there will be additional design elements that will need your attention. The interactive elements should align tonally with your brand, both in how they look and how they respond. Making these definitive choices will provide a clear direction for both your designer and your developer. At the same time, that leads to…

Killer Infographics 4 Tips for Using Interactive Content

Tip 4: Trust Your Team
During the design and development process, you might find that some asks are a lot harder to implement than they were to think up, depending on how far you are in the process. Rely on your team for their expertise, and stay flexible. No matter what, with a trusted team by your side, you’ll be able to execute a vision that meets your targeted project goals while also remaining within the means of your team and project scope.

By building on past work while looking to the future, you’ll be able to execute and implement interactive content that will benefit your brand and your strategy. Have you used interactive content successfully? Share your experiences below!

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