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Generally brief and animated, explainer videos provide viewers with an opportunity to understand your brand and viewpoint through visuals and voiceover. A vital element of inbound marketing, explainer videos serve a purpose beyond just advertising your brand. When aligned with your customers’ interest, explainer videos earn customer attention, increase your website’s discoverability, and draw new clients to your website. If your message is clear, your audience’s needs are met, and you create new insights for your viewers, your explainer video should drive your company toward success. Here are 4 points to consider as you begin brainstorming.

Make an argument

Make an Argument
When developing your explainer video, don’t just outline a problem
— offer your product as the clear solution. With an average video length of 60 – 90 seconds (and an average human attention span of about 8), you must create an argument for not only your product, but also your explainer video. If you hook your viewer with a great statistic, most interested customers will watch the entire video. Every explainer video has a different message to convey, but if your explainer video offers a quick response when a potential client asks, “Why should I care about this company?”, your hard work should convert wayward visitors into curious customers.

Questions to ask:

  • Q1: What relevant statistics will hook my audience?
  • Q2: Can I show my product actively responding to consumer pain-points?
  • Q3: How are products like mine being advertised, and where can I innovate?
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Answer Your Audience’s Needs
As you create an angle for your explainer video, survey your client base to determine why they actively seek your services and why they might want more information about your product. After surveying your customers, you may find that even your most loyal consumers don’t know that your app provides grocery-delivery services in addition to carsharing. By pairing your message with consumer insights, your explainer video can directly address any skepticism and convert curious customers into satisfied clients.

Questions to ask:

  • Q1: How can I best engage with my target audience’s demographic?
  • Q2: How do I make sure my client base will provide feedback about my service?  
  • Q3: How does my brand align with my customers’ lifestyles?
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Strengthen Your Brand Messaging
At this stage, you should think about how your explainer video will make your product stand out across similar markets. Quality scripting and clean design will convey your brand messaging, so consider language and visual style as you determine your audience’s interests.  While writing, spend time creating a script informed by your market research. Make sure to choose an appropriate tone for your subject matter. Sounding off-brand could increase friction between you and your clients. Similarly, when designing, choose a style that communicates your ideas clearly. 

Questions to ask:

  • Q1: What voice will resonate with my audience?
  • Q2: Which styles of visuals will engage my audience?
  • Q3: Who do you imagine telling your story?
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Brainstorm Promotional Strategies
After writing a quality script and designing compelling visuals, consider how you will promote your video. Your explainer video should not only live on your homepage, but also exist on other channels to reach more markets. If it helps, think of your explainer video as shareable content. Post it on all your social outlets and promote beyond social media by using keywords and linking strategies.

When generating search results, Google trends factor in onsite page time. As your explainer video aggregates additional views, more people will be intentionally visiting your site, as well as spending time consuming your content. Over time, your page will climb in search rankings. As you offer new ideas via your explainer video, your brand’s engagement rate will increase, meaning more potential eyes on your brand — and more eyes on your brand leads to greater ROI.

Questions to ask:

  • Q1: How can I make my brand messaging go viral?
  • Q2: Which social platforms have the highest engagement rate?
  • Q3: Which SEO trends optimize for discoverability?

No matter the product, your explainer video should offer more than just a pitch. In framing your product as a story, you empower a viewer to come to their own conclusion. In addition to a narrative, an explainer video should provide a high-level description of your business’ goals, methods, and service; alleviate any consumer concerns; and be fun, yet appropriate for your business. Empower yourself with a clean design and limited information. Voice more nuanced insight about your field by starting a blog, or creating dynamic content. But, remember — when communicating anything, find a way to convey your message clearly.

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