4 Features to Look for in a Video Animation Company

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The number of marketers who ranked video as important to their marketing strategies has increased by 18% over the past 5 years. That’s no small feat, especially since 95% of marketers using video plan to maintain or increase their spend in 2020. When it comes time to finding the right video animation company to partner with, you need one that’s going to address your unique needs and keep your top goals in mind. 

Ask these 4 essential questions about each animation agency you consider as a partner. If you can answer “yes” to all 4, they may be the right company to make your videos and motion graphics a success.

1. Do They Create Long-Lasting Impact?

If you want your videos to deliver on your KPIs, make sure the agency can deliver. Their website — or any sales pitches — should capture their expertise in the creative areas you’re looking to develop. A top video animation company should be able to talk the talk and walk the walk, so make sure they have the experience to boost their credibility.

Beyond their own expertise, the right agency should also be able to deliver branded video content that’s custom-designed to make the most impact with your audience and across your target channels. So, make sure they can support you with strategic objectives and recommendations.

Look for:

  • Testimonials and case studies for proven results
  • Dedicated account managers and creatives for strategic recommendations

2. Are They Brand Chameleons?

Any marketing collateral you release should have that spark that’s uniquely yours — you don’t want your brand identity muddled by unclear communications. If you’re going to invite an agency to support your creative work, they must be able to ensure that your brand still sounds like your brand in the final draft.

Before any video animation company becomes your top choice, make sure it can capture your brand spirit by exploring their portfolio. Be on the lookout for a wide variety of videos and tones that run the gamut of energetic to somber, urgent to informative.

Additionally, a top agency should be industry-agnostic. If their work can prove that they’ve navigated multiple industries, it’s clear their team has the expertise to understand what nuances make your brand connect best with your audiences.

Look for:

  • An expansive portfolio featuring: 
    • Multiple tones
    • Multiple styles
    • Multiple industries

3. Can They Create Diverse Types of Videos?

A top animation company will make videos that are far from cookie-cutter. Along with their ability to adapt to different brands, they should be able to produce different types of videos for any circumstance or platform. Being agile enough to create compelling videos out of different kinds of information means that they’ll be able to support you across any social channel, any story, and any audience-outreach effort.

For example, if you’re releasing an annual report or a teaser for a new product, you might need a video that incorporates data visualization, overlays animated elements on live-action footage, or adopts a specific animation style. A video animation company or motion graphics studio that has the expertise to deliver on any or all of these asks — as well as the expertise to help you identify the right solution for your needs — will make sure your video lands how it should.

Look for:

  • Data visualization and visual communication expertise
  • Ability to work with both animation and live-action footage
  • Capacity to deliver a variety of animation styles
  • Effective sound design capabilities

4. Are They Process-Oriented?

You’ve had your eye on an agency or two, and their portfolios have proved they’ve got the chops. But before you commit, make sure that they have not only the technical skill but also the right processes in place to support an effective partnership with your organization. No matter how skilled they are, this is the make-or-break characteristic of any top video animation company.

In order to execute your video in the right way and within an established timeframe, an agency needs an effective process and point person to help keep all the wheels in motion. Make sure your chosen agency can offer you a clear schedule and a dedicated project team — including a project manager — to ensure your video will check all the boxes. 

Look for:

  • A defined process
  • A clear schedule
  • A dedicated team

The Top Characteristics of a Great Video Animation Company

The best animation and video-production agencies are versatile, dedicated to achieving your goals, and process-driven. Once you’ve explored your options and found the right fit for your business and your goals, then the fun can begin! Make sure to start off on the right foot by having a clear conversation about needs and expectations. This way, you’ll be able to develop a strong partnership that lasts.

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