3 Interactive Web Design Tips to Maximize Engagement

By June 26, 2021 July 8th, 2021 Interactive Content

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Every website contains the building blocks that drive user engagement. From clickable links to buttons, web design is fundamentally interactive. But that doesn’t mean that, just because your company has a website, you’re doing all that you can to inspire and convert your audiences. 

The latest interactive website design is about more than just the basics. It’s about creating dynamic content that supports your marketing and sales efforts. And today’s audiences demand high-quality, visually driven content. Try to entice them with text, and they’re likely to move on to the next thing. 

Let’s take a look at 3 strategies for making your website design more interactive in creative ways that will support and align with your content strategy. 

1. Know the types of interactivity at your disposal.

Tooltips, buttons, and forms are among the most common types of interactivity a website design might incorporate. But there’s a lot more that you can do to make your website a dynamic and useful tool for your visitors. The trick is knowing what tools are at your disposal. 

Check out our complete guide to interactive sites for a list of some of the most common examples of interactivity. Then consider adding more advanced types of interactivity to your site, such as animated illustrations and interactive data visualizations. 

When users are able to manipulate graphs and take a deeper look at the numbers behind the data you’re sharing, they’ll feel more informed about your company and your product or service. Meanwhile, animated illustrations keep their eye engaged, and can be much more informative than static illustrations. Take the animated illustrations of interactivity above as just one example—they make it a lot easier to understand what type of interactivity we’re talking about, right? 

2. Use a variety of interactive content.

Interactive map web design illustration

Interactive gaming experience and website design illustration

The best interactive sites incorporate a slew of interactive content types, from widgets to interactive calculators to full interactive infographics, depending on the goal of any given landing page. 

So when you’re developing a new web page or blog post for your site, first identify what your goal is and who your target audience is—then determine what type of interactive content will be most effective for engaging that audience. 

For instance, if you’re trying to help an audience who’s halfway down your sales funnel to decide which of your products is the best fit for them, consider creating an interactive quiz. This quiz will help deliver personalized results that will make them feel more confident about making a purchase. 

On the other hand, if you want to deliver your annual report in a way that will inspire confidence and excitement among stakeholders, skip the text-based PDF and create a landing page with interactive graphs that they can explore more as they like, and animated illustrations that will bring your brand story to life. 

3. Embrace interactive infographics.

Interactive infographic and web design illustration

One particularly powerful medium for delivering annual reports and creating custom landing pages for marketing campaigns is the interactive infographic. This type of content incorporates a variety of interactive elements, from clickable graphs to dynamic illustrations, hover effects to embedded video. They’re the perfect medium for carefully arranging and curating a narrative experience. 

One great example is this webpage about visual communication. Scroll through to see a variety of examples of interactivity and animation. 

Making Interactive Web Design a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

The design of your website is critical to the success of your marketing strategy, and that’s why it’s so important to start talking about the types of interactive content that can help you achieve your goals. If you want to reduce your bounce rate and increase time-on-page and conversions, there’s really no better medium. 

Explore our interactive media design portfolio for ideas and inspiration.

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