Behind the Scenes: GeekWire Motion Graphic

One of our favorite projects every year is the introductory motion graphic for the GeekWire Awards, one of the most exciting annual startup events in Seattle. Working with GeekWire gives us the opportunity to explore new concepts and unique styles of illustration and animation—culminating with the opportunity to see our work on the extraordinary 33′ x 60′ HD LED screen in the EMP’s Sky Church.

The 2013 opening motion graphic, “Adventures of a Startup Kid,” was packed with video game references and spoke to the experiences of the year’s top tech entrepreneurs. Last year’s piece, “Seattle: A History of Innovation,” focused on Seattle’s rich history as the home to influential companies like Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon.

This year’s motion graphic explores how the growing presence of tech giants and innovative startups are changing the landscape of both the industry and the city itself. Since Seattle is frequently referred to as the next Silicon Valley, we looked to the title sequence of HBO’s Silicon Valley for inspiration. What follows is a glimpse of what Seattle will look like in the coming decades as large companies like Facebook, Uber, and Google, as well as smaller tech startups, grow their presence here.

 Check out our process video and full map of Neo Seattle below.

 Map of “Seattle Valley”

Full Map of Seattle Valley

Seattle Valley Artwork Process Video

GeekWire Awards: Seattle Valley – Full Video

 It was very exciting to work on this piece. Special thanks to the team at GeekWire for continuing to work on new and interesting projects with us.

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