10 Reasons to Invest in Visual Communication


As a marketer, it’s important to stay on top of evolving trends in online customer acquisition. But which ones are going to last and which ones are going to be out of date next quarter? It makes sense that you would feel wary of investing time and money into something that you’re not confident will provide a decent ROI.

Visual communication is one of the more popular trends in online marketing and there’s a myriad of data supporting the power and longevity of visual communication as a valuable marketing tool.

Let’s explore some of this data by checking out 10 reasons why visual content is an important addition to your strategy.

1. It takes less than 50 milliseconds to form a first impression (Source)


The takeaway: First impressions are often the last chance to convert a lead into a customer.

2. 81% of people will only skim through content online (Source)


The takeaway: Visual communication adapts your information so the consumer can skim through and still comprehend your content’s vital points.

3. More than 84% of communication will be visual by 2018 (Source)


The takeaway: Content marketing is steadily shifting toward more visual-centric media. Versing yourself in visual content now will help you keep current with emerging trends in the future.

4. 96% of consumers use video to help make purchase decisions online (Source)


Key takeaway: Going back to the basics of marketing: appeal to customer trends!

5. Visual IQ is rising faster than any other form of IQ (Source)


Key takeaway: As people become more reliant on visual content, so should your content.

6. Articles that use supporting imagery receive 94% more views than those without (Source)


Key takeaway: Using visuals will keep your audience engaged and increase your chances of garnering additional audience attention.

7. Articles with an image every 75-100 words receive 2x the number of social shares than those with fewer (Source)


Key takeaway: The fastest growing social networks — Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Pinterest — rely solely on visual content. You can’t scroll through a Facebook or Twitter feed without running into it, either. Stretch your content to work with your social channels.

8. 95% of B2B Buyers prefer shorter and highly visual content formats (Source)


Key takeaway: B2B buyers tend to vet several vendors at one time, which makes them very busy people that need to make quick and informed decisions. Help them by visualizing your value.

9. 60% of consumers give more consideration to local search results that have images (Source)


Key takeaway: You may be one of several service or product providers in the area. Use images to boost your presence.

10. Infographics are shared 3x more on social networks (Source)


Key takeaway: Social media has become the central hub for sharing all types of content and visuals are always going to get the most attention.

The growing value of visual communication is hard to ignore for marketers, and its popularity will only continue to grow over the next several years.

How will you incorporate visuals into your content strategy this year?

Charlie Holbert

Author Charlie Holbert

Charlie Holbert is the Chief Marketing Officer at Killer Infographics. His career started out in the “blogosphere” where he spent the majority of his time copywriting for SEO and lead generation. He took what he learned to transition into junior sales and marketing for Killer Infographics, where he helped develop customer relations and build brand awareness through various digital marketing strategies. Today, Charlie and his team continue to build on their goals of developing and testing unique strategies toward customer acquisition, as well as positioning Killer Infographics as thought leaders in the visual communications industry through quality content development.

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  • Brian Johnston says:

    My notoriously short attention span enjoyed the article… Funny, I found myself skipping/skimming the info quickly from one color block to the next…

    I’ve now “invested” (that’s what I just told my wife anyway) the better part of this entire afternoon “researching” (browsing, reading, skimming, dreaming) across the KI site – wondering how farging owsum it must be to work in that environment (???)

    Anyway, just a quick question/answer to include in my “Dream Team” wish-list of outsourced technological wizardy ‘partners’…

    I understand the broad-strokes concepts related to the importance and effectiveness of communicating visually and know (or rather, I can “picture” in my mind) that I want our messaging to really resonate, entertain, inform and impact the audiences we’re about to meet through visual “power/challenge”, “fun/recognition”, “support/community” and “logic/research”…

    Question: Have “you” (the KI collective) ever designed/developed/deployed a brand new company/product/service from concept to completion utilizing the visual tactics/tools you mention as THE primary messaging method?

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    • killerinfo says:

      Hey Brian,
      Thanks for asking and the short answer is YES, this is actually exactly what we do.

      Here’s the long answer: While we do one-off projects from time-to-time for our clients, we also work with a number of clients to run full visual communication campaigns that combine a variety of our services into one larger narrative to deploy a service, brand, or product.

      Some of this work can be shown in the Multimedia section of our website. That said, we will be updating our site in the near future to show this type of work in far more detail.

      A successful visual strategy requires more than just launching an infographic here and there. We work with our clients to identify their needs across a brand new brand, campaign, or product launch and determine the best ways to implement all types of visual content to achieve their goals.

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