What do the best interactive sites, infographics, data visualizations, widgets, and more all have in common? They create a unique, customized experience for the user. Some do this in clear ways, by including calculators or quiz elements that create truly individualized results. Yet others accomplish this more subtly, by dividing content into key sections and letting users choose their own path through that content. There are many ways to create an engaging and successful experience for your audiences. What’s right for your brand depends on your goals. So, to provide some examples, this article shares just a few of the best interactive infographic, microsite, and data visualization examples we’ve created for our clients.

Some of the projects we’re sharing here were part of visual communication campaigns, while others were independent initiatives. Also, we’ve developed interactive marketing content as well as internal comms and training tools for clients in diverse industries. In fact, this includes audiences in all generations, from Millennials to Gen Z

Throughout, you’ll notice that the examples vary considerably in appearance, content, and approach. That’s very intentional! We do this because every company and campaign is unique. Because of that, every solution must be custom-tailored to each team’s specific goals. So check out what we’ve built for our clients. And while you’re at it, you might discover inspiration for your own team.

Nuclear Threats: Predictive Interactivity

The Nuclear Threat Initiative wanted to educate the public and reach global leaders about potential biological events. To start, they needed a strategic approach. So the first task was to identify the audiences they needed to impact. Secondly, assessing strategic options for how to reach these audiences best. Thirdly, crafting a story that would make an impact on each of the target audiences. Finally, the design and build yields a prime example of how an interactive infographic can use data visualization and storytelling to best illustrate real-world impacts. As a result, NTI saw significant improvements to time on page, click-through rate, and total sessions.

See how NTI achieved 5x the average time on page.

An In-Depth Look at Hotel Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

With the goal of being top-of-mind for hotel construction decisionmakers, Symmons needed to show their quality reputation in kitchen and bath manufacturing. To do this, they commissioned an interactive infographic experience of a hotel. In it, Symmons products are featured with pulsing circles encouraging users to hover. Next, upon hovering over those circles, users can see more information about each product in the hotel. Finally, users have the option to click within the description. And this action takes them to the Symmons site for detailed information on that product.

See the hotel model design.

Calculators for Determining Tax Exemption Eligibility

Tax prep software service TurboTax was looking for ways to engage and educate their customers. Also, they wanted audiences to feel more confident about tax matters. To solve this, a widget format lets users interact with their real tax info and deliver real results. As a result, users can determine which credits and exemptions they qualify for. Overall, this improves TurboTax customers’ understanding of their own taxes. Further, it also builds their trust in TurboTax’s brand and knowledge.

Check out the widgets.

Interactive Climate Change Map & Infographics

The Solutions Project has a critical goal. They envision transitioning the United States to 100% clean renewable energy by 2050. In order to do this, they needed to show the current state of our country’s energy usage and climate. But how? Well, the best solution was an interactive map. That’s because it’s detailed enough to feature a unique infographic with data visualization examples for each of the 50 states. Yet, with all this information, the design is far from cluttered. In the end, this successful interactive experience was mentioned by USA TODAY, David Letterman, Gavin Newsom, and others. 

See the full interactive infographics and map.

Learning Modules for Budgeting & Major Purchases

BECU is a Pacific Northwest credit union. They want members to feel engaged and informed about financial services and their own personal finance. Further, they knew they wanted a variety of content that could help achieve this goal. First came the development of a visual strategy for the brand. And next came a campaign of visual content designed to inform and inspire members. Overall, this campaign included motion graphics, infographics, and interactive learning modules. 

Check out the full visual campaign, including learning modules.

Interactive Infographic Report on Urban Parking

The Seattle Department of Transportation puts out an annual study about parking use across the city. They knew that a highly visual approach was best for residents and city government employees alike. And the result? A print and interactive version of the same report, with some elements — like data visualization, for example — modified to best suit the interactive and print mediums. In this way, audiences could explore the info in their preferred format. Yet, they would all still receive the same data regardless of the medium.  

Check out the full annual report.

Detailed Diagram for Underground Storage Safety

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality monitors and protects public health and environmental concerns. The safety of underground fuel storage tanks was an important topic for them to share with the public. So they commissioned an interactive experience explaining what these tanks are and what standards surround them. The reason? This helps to ensure safety for owners and operators of the tanks. But with a complex topic, the approach had to divide detailed information into simple segments.

Explore the interactive content.

Interactive Visualization of Data Infrastructure in Education

The Gates Foundation needed to explain the challenges in postsecondary education in the United States. Their goal? To improve access to, and attainment of, postsecondary education. Because of this, their visual campaign shared the Gates Foundation’s vision for reform. It included motion graphics, interactive content, and static infographics, all aimed at exploring examples of different challenges and their potential solutions.

See the full visual campaign.

Example of the Best Interactive Data Visualization for a Dashboard

Ookla, the minds behind Speedtest.net, had a vision for improving their promotional content. They needed help with design on an interactive dashboard experience. Using this design, their team could generate custom reports on Ookla’s success. Why? Because this would allow them to highlight only the most relevant info for that report’s audience. In the end, the final data visualizations live in this dashboard experience. And they are continually used by the Ookla team today. 

See the dashboard design.

US Map with National Vaccination Data

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) wanted to share data-driven insights to educate the public about the importance of vaccinations and the impact of disease outbreaks in children. Their challenge? To share this information in a compact, easy-to-understand, and visually rich way. Ultimately, the solution was an interactive map. Specifically, this map shares the wealth of information the AAP had gathered. Yet, it does so without overwhelming the viewer with all the information at once. 

Explore the full vaccination map.

The possibilities for interactive infographics and other media are nearly limitless, and this is why the best examples can vary so greatly. So when you need to develop a custom solution with an interactive design company, check out the Killer Visual Strategies team.