The Case for Irrationality & Why You Need a Zero-Revenue Plan

Featuring Ben Gaddis
August 4, 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET

About This Session

Rational thought maintains the status quo. But in an era — and a year — when change happens faster than ever, rationality doesn’t cut it. Big, transformational outcomes that disrupt industries and change the world (or at least save your company) require irrational thought. Crazy thinking has transformed the world over and over for millennia, and we need it now more than ever.

Ben Gaddis, author of Embracing Irrationality: How Crazy Thinking Can Save Your Career, Your Company, and Possibly the World, explains why every company should interrogate their core beliefs, identify the constants they’re overrelying on, and work toward an irrational vision of tomorrow to remain competitive and develop innovative content. He’ll also guide you toward developing a Zero-Revenue Plan — because while you can’t control the external factors, you can control how you prepare for these suddenly not-so-far-fetched catastrophic scenarios. 

You’ll learn to:

  • Become an irrational visionary, regardless of your position in the company.
  • Create an irrational vision for your brand.
  • Free yourself from false constants.
  • Develop a Zero-Revenue Plan for when the unimaginable happens and business-as-usual plummets overnight.

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About Ben Gaddis

Ben Gaddis, speaker at the Strategic Content SummitFocusing on innovation, Ben sets the vision for T3 to help clients build Useful Brands through a culture driven by collaboration, prototyping and making cool stuff happen. He oversees all T3 offices.

Ben has helped craft innovation, marketing and loyalty strategies for 7-Eleven, Staples, UPS, Allstate, Coca-Cola, Sprite and other clients. He launched T3’s Innovation Labs to help clients take an agile approach to conceptualize and bring new tech, digital experiences and products to market. He also created T3 Ventures that invests in, and provides consulting and services to, early stage startups.

Before T3, Ben helped American Airlines launch its first mobile initiative while at T:M Interactive. He was VP of business development at Omnicom-owned ipsh, developing enterprise-level mobile strategies for Frito-Lay, Nokia and AT&T. He started in account service at The Richards Group. Ben also serves as a Techstars mentor, Wired contributor, and a frequent speaker at events.

About Amy Balliett

Amy Balliett Strategic Content SummitAmy Balliett is the CEO and co-founder of Killer Visual Strategies, an industry-leading visual communication agency that designs and executes communication and content marketing solutions for Fortune 1000 clients. She owned her first company at age 17 before building a successful career in online marketing. In 2010, she founded Killer Visual Strategies, which has been an Inc. 5000 company for four years in a row. Balliett has become a thought leader in visual communication, and has spoken at more than 175 conferences around the globe, including SXSW, Content Marketing World, Adobe MAX, and SMX Advanced. She is also a teacher at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts, a LinkedIn Learning instructor, a columnist for Inc., and an accomplished public and corporate speaker. She is the author of Killer Visual Strategies: Engage Any Audience, Improve Comprehension, and Get Amazing Results Using Visual Communication.