The quality of infographics around the web varies widely. And so do opinions on how to make an effective infographic. Some of the best infographic examples include strong design elements such as effective icons and illustrations, clear data visualization, information hierarchy, and intuitive layouts. On the other hand, infographics that don’t follow best practices may feature large blocks of text, minimal visuals and/or stock imagery, and even inconsistent illustration styles, color palettes, and font choices. 

Infographics are a form of communication that can be truly universal. In fact, the best examples don’t even require you to speak the language in which the infographic is written. That’s because effective visuals can allow you to understand the basic meaning without reading a word of text. 

But creating high-quality infographics isn’t an easy task. So here are 10 of our favorite infographic examples to inspire your next project.

Promoting Community Healthcare through Infographics

Logo as part of healthcare branding strategy with infographic

A major presence in the healthcare industry, Kaiser Permanente was looking for a way to celebrate the new leadership team in their Greater Southern Alameda County (GSAA) region. Unveiling a new on-brand logo for their service area was the first step. Yet they also needed to outline and share their goals. The resulting infographic highlights their GSAA goals for 2020. It also creates structure around their mission and values.

See the strategy behind the logo branding and more.

A Series of Infographics for a Financial Firm

mint infographic series thumb with dog driving a car is a provider of personal financial services. They needed visual content support for their blog. Specifically, their goal was to keep return visitors engaged with new and informative content. So they opted to create regular infographic content that spanned both seasonal and evergreen topics related to budgeting and personal finance. And from credit scores to Valentine’s Day spending habits, they covered it all.

Check out the full financial series.

A Mobile Construction App, Explained

PlanGrid Infographic for Construction Industry app Illustration

Communication and productivity are 2 critical components of successful construction projects. Because of this, PlanGrid developed a mobile app to help streamline the project lifecycle using the cloud. They needed this revolutionary technology to be unveiled in an informative but fun way. It had to quickly and clearly drive home the impact and benefits of the app. And the infographic developed for this project did just that. As a result, clear visuals and typographical hierarchy propel the story.

See the complete design to promote the construction app.

Infographic Designs for Real Estate

real estate infographic scene with house and outdoor patio furniture

The California Association of REALTORS (CAR) has leveraged dozens of infographics, both for online publications and print use. Echoing design trends in real estate, these infographics take advantage of trends and differences in style and color across each example. No two designs look exactly alike. In this way, the group of designs is more of a series than a visual communication campaign.

See the full series.

Our Best Furry Friends in Infographics

Infographic design for lifestyle pets brand showing 3 dogs

Dog-sitting service Rover knows all about the pet ownership lifestyle. Oftentimes, the pets are actually running the show! So when it came to Rover’s content plans, whether evergreen or a fresh survey results release, they knew that more is more when images of dogs are involved! Because of this, they decided to develop a series of diverse infographics designed to inform and delight.

View the full series of dog-focused designs.

Infographic Examples in the Arts

Infographics formed an integral part of a multi-year visual communication campaign with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).  Killer developed a new visual identity for this independent agency established by the federal government. Moreover, we also developed motion graphics, landing pages, infographics, interactive widgets, and more. The partnership has elevated content across the NEA’s digital and print communications.

Check out this visual campaign for the NEA.

Industrial Engineering Best Explained through Infographics

REHAU Visual Campaign Construction infographics and spot illustrations

Industrial polymer engineering and manufacturing firm REHAU knows the science behind why their products work. Their challenge is to share that science. So they need to reach construction and manufacturing leaders in an engaging and thorough manner. We created a series of infographics and icons to showcase their products and capabilities to interested audiences. The key was to do so in a way that spoke to industry experts. This meant simplifying without oversimplifying, which could risk losing trust.  

See this manufacturing visual content series.

Pop Culture, Entertainment, & Infographic Design

Star Trek Netflix infographic illustration Janeway Voyager borg

In preparation for their exclusive premier of Star Trek: Discovery, streaming entertainment provider Netflix was in need of a visual way to promote key findings about how their users watch Star Trek on the service. This infographic reimagined fan-favorite characters and ships. It does this by using a geometric style that complements science fiction. 

View the Star Trek design highlighting the best fan favorites.

Illustration-Driven Design for a Magazine

Spectacle Magazine Lincoln in the Bardo Infographic illustration and data visualization design

Spectacle Magazine wanted a visual approach to their debut speculative fiction magazine. They just didn’t know exactly what to include. So our team of literary enthusiasts put their heads together to conceptualize, analyze, write, and design this infographic on the audiobook version of George Saunders’s Lincoln in the Bardo. The result was an inspiring creative exercise for our team, and a happy team at Spectacle!

See the full 2-page spread.

Examples of Astronomy Infographics

National Radio Astronomy Observatory infographic series planet illustration

The National Radio Astronomy Organization (NRAO) is a federally funded scientific organization. They’re dedicated to the advancement of telescopic technologies. NRAO needed to convey the features and capabilities of the ngVLA telescope in a way that spoke to both scientific communities and the general public. So a series of 2 highly illustrative infographic posters was the answer. The result? These posters express the beauty of the astronomical subjects that these telescopes explore while at the same time communicating fundamental information. 

Check out both astronomy posters.

Finding the Best Infographic Design Partner for You

Working with an agency that specializes in infographic design is key for high-quality assets to engage your audience. Searching for the right partner? Look for one familiar with your industry and with experience across a broad variety of styles and messaging. Also, they should be dedicated to building content that achieves your goals.  

Killer Visual Strategies began as an infographic design company called Killer Infographics. And we’ve spent over a decade honing the craft of infographic creation among our suite of visual communication services. This goes beyond infographics, to annual report design, motion graphics, presentation design, interactive infographics, and so much more. We’ve built this expertise through the careful research, writing, and design of thousands of projects for clients in all industries and of all sizes.